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Selma to Montgomery March
Tritone Press will be publishing my photographs taken from the 1965 March on Montgomery in a book titled Selma to Montgomery March, to be released in January 2022.

Where Borders Cross

A slide show of photographs from the meeting place of two borders: The Natural border between the American continent and the Pacific Ocean, and the man-made border between the US and Mexico. Kris Kesoglides composed a beautifully haunting soundtrack. (Kris Kesoglides - Instrumental & Elise Levin - Vocals.) 
Follow me @waynelevinimages. Page managed by Elise Levin. 

3rd Edition, published in Korea by Datz Press, available now.

One of my major lifetime projects has involved exploring the question, "What is the individual?" This work stemmed first from my
Akule fish school work through many other fish schools and bird flocks. Now, I have expanded that exploration to photograph Pando, the largest living individual entity in the world. Also, Pando may be dying. I will soon be putting this work up on my website soon. 


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